Designed by Fernando & Humberto Campana in 1993 and produced by the Italian furniture company Edra since 1998. Wrap-around armchair with steel frame painted with epoxy powders and massive aluminum legs. Several days’ manual work is required to build the armchair, together with high expertise for the weaving. The approximately 500 meters of special rope with an acrylic core and covered in cotton, is first woven onto the frame to create a structure and then plaited by consecutive overlapping, leaving sufficient surplus to form a kind of random weave which creates an unusual padding. The original model “was inspired by the piles and spools of rope the brothers saw in one of the many shops that line the side streets of São Paulo.”
The Campana Brothers are Brazilian designers who have been working together since the early 1980’s. The brothers’ work was originally fueled by a passion to develop aesthetically pleasing furniture from ordinary materials. They were especially drawn to using materials that others considered “waste”. Their original, and often artistic, work was in many ways a backlash to the shiny, glittery 1970’s. Early projects evolved in stark contrast to contemporary trends, and as such the brothers received as much criticism as praise during their formative years.