Designed by Sergio Rodrigues for FORMA, Brazil, frame in peroba wood. In 1954, the Hauner brothers founded FORMA, offering Sergio Rodrigues a position as the Head of design in a partnership with Carlo & Ernesto Hauner. Even though the store attracted a lot of interest, it was a commercial failure. Soon after he had arrived, designer Martin Eisler, who had joined the design team, said to Sergio: “as a designer, you have no future”. A few months later, Sergio resigned from Forma and moved back to Rio, starting back to zero again. With the financial help of an Italian aristocrat, Sergio opened his own business, OCA (which refers to the traditional Amazonian hut), in 1955. It would be the beginning of a highly-creative period for Sergio, which lasted until the late 1960’s. He left the company in 1968, and since then has been working in his practice developing furniture lines for industrial production; architecture and interior decoration projects for hotels, residences and offices; and pre-fabricated housing systems.