Rodrigues made his mark on the international scene in the 1960´s as the creator of the “Poltrona Mole”, made in jacaranda wood with a leather seat. This armchair, a slouchy leather cushion slung across leather straps on a solid rosewood frame, came to symbolize the relaxed, informal vernacular that informed both his design and architecture. This model is the first edition called “Mole”; then it will be named “Sheriff” in 1961, and then “Moleca” in 1963.
Rodrigues was awarded the 1st prize at the Concorso Internazionale Del Mobile [International Furniture Competition] in 1961, in Cantù, Italy, with a variation of the “Mole” armchair, surpassing more than 400 guest-competitors from 35 countries. The prize brought him international recognition and boosted his career as a furniture designer. Produced in Italy by ISA, the chair was exported to several countries under the name “Sheriff”.
In 2001 the Brazilian manufacturer LinBrasil acquired the licenses for the reproduction of the “Sergio Rodrigues furniture line”, and meanwhile produces 28 of Rodrigues’ works. LinBrasil keeps partnerships with 3rd party industries around the world (USA, Canada, France and Uruguay), which are carefully selected and trained by LinBrasil to reproduce Rodrigues furniture in these countries.