“Arabesco” Coffee Table designed by Carlo Mollino in 1949. Plywood frame veneered with varnished beech or cherry-wood, natural color. The “Arabesco” has an upper and a lower glass surface, supported by a cascading piece of molded plywood, which is bent to form a magazine rack. Re-issued by Zanotta.

Mollino´s furniture was based on organic shapes, such as tree branches, animal horns and the human body – the female profile figuring prominently in his design work. These pieces evolved from the appreciation of the shapes of Art Nouveau and the architect Antonio Gaudi and were most expressive and sculptural than the ones being produced in Milan at the same time. Most of his furniture designs were site specific one-offs for specifically commissioned interiors and were manufactured by the Apelli and Varesio joinery in Turin. These particular pieces are very rarely available on the market and highly valued by furniture collectors. Beyond the sculptural aesthetics of his furniture, his designs involved thorough research into materials and technology. He developed a complex construction technique whereby the structure seemed liberated by the weight of the material, as clearly seen in the glass and bentwood “Arabesque” Table.