Starck ironically named the chair “Louis XX”, poking fun at the French royal tradition of distinguishing kings of the same name by numbering them from IV to XVIII. Best known as the post-modernist prankster who made his name by designing notoriously unstable three-legged chairs, and a lobster-shaped lemon squeezer that sold in tens of thousands yet squirted lemon juice unerringly into the eyes of its users, the French designer Philippe Starck imbues his best work with a technical rigor that enables him to express his humor. The “Louis 20 Chair” is the product of lengthy technical experiments by Starck and the engineers of Vitra. Eventually they succeeded in combining a shell and 2 legs made from blown polypropylene with an incongruous pair of aluminum legs to add Starck’s inevitable joke. The “Louis XX” Chair with or without cast aluminum armrests and writing tablet was designed for use in cafés, restaurants, lecture rooms and homes. Production: Vitra, Switzerland.