Originally designed as an individual piece, the S-Chair is a deciding design for the further career from Tom Dixon. Dixon spent the 1980´s as performance artist in the London night clubs and there he welded together his piece of furniture live on top of a stage. It was only in 1988 when Tom Dixon equipped the freely curved S-Chair with the sophisticated coating and the swung forms. The “erotic” chair with the wide hips and the slim waistline has consciously been shaped as “unicum” in its time and does not only adapt to the demands of the serial furniture production. Despite or just therefore the young Tom Dixon and his unusual S-Chair caught the Italian furniture manufacturer Giulio Cappellini’s attention. That is how the “S-Chair” became the first design from Tom Dixon for Cappellini that soon was followed by other products. Since 1991/1992 the “S-Chair” is produced by Cappellini.