Marcel Breuer first designed this chair in 1935/1936 for Isokon Furniture Co., London, UK. Marcel Breuer developed the “Long Chair” at the request of Jack Pritchard, the owner of Isokon. Pritchard wanted to create plywood furniture to capitalize on the trend sparked by the simple designs of Alvar Aalto. Breuer’s earliest version of the Long Chair carried a mortise and tenon joint at the connection between the frame and the seat that became loose over a period of time from use. The second incarnation uses an improved joint to connect the frame and seat providing greater stability. This chair also received the name “Reclining Chair” in America when KNOLL bought the Gavina Group of Bologna, Italy in 1968 and all of Breuer’s designs were brought into the KNOLL catalog. Currently in production by ISOKON PLUS.