The “BKF chair” was designed by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy together with Juan Kurchan and Antonio Bonet. Date of Design: 1938. Date of Manufacture: 1947-1973.
Designed in 1938, the Butterfly chair is perhaps one of the most ubiquitous mid-century designs. Constructed of rod-steel and leather the Hardoy chair was produced by Knoll from 1947-1973. The B.K.F. Chair—also known as the Hardoy Chair, Butterfly Chair, Safari Chair, Sling Chair, or Wing Chair, was designed in Buenos Aires and its name credits its 3 designers.
Artek-Pascoe produced the chair from 1941 to 1948, sending royalties back to Argentina. Knoll acquired US production rights of the “Hardoy chair” in 1947 bringing international notice and commercial success to the design. A rash of inferior copies prompted legal action by Knoll in 1950. After losing their claim of copyright infringement, Knoll dropped the chair from its line in 1951. More than 5 million copies of the chair were estimated to have been produced by numerous manufacturers during the 1950´s alone. Unauthorized copies continue to be produced to this day.