Having worked for Charles and Ray Eames and Hans and Florence Knoll, Harry Bertoia garnered icon status as a designer when he created the “Bertoia Collection” for Knoll in 1952. Bertoia utilized his superior skills as a sculptor to bend and shape industrial wire rods into chairs that would become pinnacles of 20th century furniture design. Now considered modern classics, the collection was so commercially successful that it allowed Bertoia to dedicate himself exclusively to his main artistic passion: sculpting.
Diamond Lounge Chair (1952) – KnollStudio
The Bertoia Diamond Chair is constructed of steel rods with chrome polish, and a seat cushion that attaches to the chair with lock snaps. Artist and sculptor Harry Bertoia created his line of home seating after a series of artistic experiments with bent metal and negative space. The results were beautiful, striking chairs and their enduring popularity and unceasing production (the Bertoia chairs have been produced without cessation for more than half a century) represent that rarest, most cherished marriage: critical and artistic breakthrough combined with public approval.
Bertoia Asymmetric Chaise with Seatpad (1952) – KnollStudio
Harry Bertoia designed the Asymmetric Chaise in the early 1950´s, but the chair was never produced beyond the prototypical form. Sculptural, airy, and breathtaking in shape and form, the Asymmetric Chaise is considered to be a masterpiece of mid-century American furniture.
Bertoia Bird Lounge Chair (1952) – KnollStudio
Part of Harry Bertoia’s exceptionally artistic 1952 Seating Collection sculpted from bent metal rods. The Bird Lounge Chair and Ottoman have been in continuous production since 1952. The Knoll logo is stamped into the base of the chair.