Florence Knoll, furniture designer extraordinaire, built the Knoll Settee as lasting art, comfort, and furnishing objects. An expansion of her ideas that were first expressed with the Knoll Lounge Chair, the Knoll Settee stands alone. Her success can be measured in the huge number of Knoll Settees sold, critical praise, and the countless designers who still draw inspiration from the collection. The Knoll Settee sits on exposed steel legs, can be upholstered in a variety of ways, and stands as the classical norm for all lounge chair designs.
Like so many of her groundbreaking designs that became the gold standard for the industry, Florence Knoll’s 1954 lounge collection has made its way into the pantheon of modern classics. This versatile collection includes lounge chair, settee, sofa, two-seater bench and three-seater bench. KnollStudio logo and Florence Knoll’s signature stamped into base of frame.