Designed by Florence Knoll Basset (1950). Date of Manufacture: 1950-1970.
Materials: Birch wood or top; bent rod iron legs. A pioneer of workspace planning and design, Florence Knoll defined the look and feel of modern corporate interiors in the mid-20th century. In partnership with her husband, Hans, Florence championed the Bauhaus approach to interior design at Knoll through the Planning Unit with her innovative furniture arrangements, reductive aesthetic of light, elegant woven fabrics and brightly colored wall panels. Originally trained as an architect and interior designer, Florence also designed her own furniture. These fill-in pieces, the “meat and potatoes,” as she modestly referred to them, were created out of necessity: “I needed the piece of furniture for a job and it wasn’t there, so I designed it.” Reserved and cool, rich and energetic, her work reflects the objective perfectionism of the early 1960´s.