Mexican Modernism – Furniture Design in Mexico – Part # 8


One Mexican furniture designer and manufacturer that made a big splash back in the 1970’s was IDEA. This company designed unique furniture pieces combining small blocks of different types of wood with chrome and glass; their model range included elegant office furniture, a variety of cabinets, bars, room dividers, bookcases, lamps and many other gadgets. Their 2 showrooms were located in Mexico City. IDEA´s furniture pieces are easily recognizable; I have included some wonderful samples:

Diego Matthai, Mexican architect and designer is most likely our best representative for furniture designs that integrate modern materials such as chrome into vernacular Mexican forms. Matthai was a pupil of Mathias Goeritz, whose work was heavily influenced by the Bauhaus. Matthai has completed projects of all kinds: office buildings and apartments, private residences, shops, boutiques, malls, office interiors, clubs, restaurants, bars, monumental sculptures and murals. He has also designed jewelry, clothing, accessories and many others. Since the beginning of his career he developed a special interest in furniture design and furnishings. The iconic “Mexico Chair” from 1971 is probably his best-known furniture piece.

…to be continued in part # 9

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