Carved Chest from Don´s Colonial Line

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Don used his state-of-the-art equipment installed at SEÑAL, S.A. to produce a commercial line of colonial style furniture pieces in volcanic pine wood. This very decorative chest with capriciously carved flowers was part of Don´s colonial production. They came furnished with a stand to keep them off the floor thus enhancing their beauty.

You may also want to check Dick Shoemaker´s video from 1986 about Don S. Shoemaker and SEÑAL, S.A. in Santa Maria Guido, Morelia. The video shows a few shots on the production of these beautifully carved chests.


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A Christmas present

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This time I would like to share with all of you a couple of very unusual wood carvings that are extremely difficult to find, maybe one of a kind… These rare carvings were made by Don S. Shoemaker in black oak wood (encina negra) back in the early 1960’s, representing local Indian women from the Michoacan state, Mexico.

These two black oak wood carvings were separated for more than 25 years and they were both Christmas presents. Today I can tell you that they represent Michoacan women but for a long time one of these was believed to be a carving representation of the Virgin Mary.

The story is funny: long time ago my in law´s arrived unexpectedly during Christmas time to pay a visit to Don and they brought some presents for him and of course, he was empty handed because he had no idea they were going to show… While they were at his studio my mother in law saw one of the plaques and she exclaimed: “Oh what a beautiful Virgin!!”  Don immediately said that he was carving it for her for Christmas, my mother in law was so happy.

Time went by and my husband and I used to visit Don´s studio to buy Christmas presents and during his last Christmas while we were snooping around Don saw the other carving that he had kept for 20 some years and he told me the whole story. That was the last Christmas present I got from him. Finally, the two  wood carvings were reunited. That happened more than 20 years ago…

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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