Linear designs – The Diamond Line

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Many of my readers have asked me to write about Don´s “Diamond Line” designs. You may recall that I already published a post on the renowned diamond desk, which became a legend as one of Mexico´s most prominent newscasters, Jacobo Zabludovsky used to broadcast the daily news sitting on his diamond desk. I also called on your attention to the brand new unlabeled diamond desk copies that I have found on sale at auctions and galleries. (Check my posts “AAD – Appearances are deceptive” and “New Don S. Shoemaker copies – the diamond desk”).

The “Diamond Line” or sometimes referred as to the “Z Line” was the result from Don´s experiments during the decade of the 1970´s with linear designs, these furniture pieces were superbly crafted in laminated exotic woods, some of which I will introduce to you below.

Diamond Line dining or conference table. This spectacular stack-laminated table could be used for a dining room set or a conference room.

Matching dining/conference table ZigZag chairs. This is Don´s reinterpretation from the De Stijl, the famous cantilevered zigzag chair designed by Garrit Rietveld. The pictures below show samples of ZigZag chairs from different periods, although I have to point out that the traditional Shoemaker black leather upholstery that comes attached to seat and back is missing on two of them.

Don´s ZigZag Chair

Don Shoemaker´s Zig Zag Chair with black leather upholstery

• George Shoemaker´s ZigZag Chair

Diamond side table. Very stylish, the perfect complement for a Diamond dining room set. As seen in a Mexico City gallery.

Of course, there are more geometric designs to show from this line, but I will keep some of them for a future occasion!

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New Don S. Shoemaker Copies – the diamond desk

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During the decade of the 1970´s Don experimented with linear designs and created the “Diamond Line” or sometimes referred as to “Z Line”, built in laminated tropical woods. There is a very well-known example, the diamond desk of Jacobo Zabludovsky, one of Mexico´s most famous newscasters. Street tales say that a total of 25 diamond desks were produced, but the unlabeled desks currently on sale might be easily 10 times that number…

To compare, let’s review two samples of the original Don S. Shoemaker diamond desk versions available during the 1970’s and 1980’s, showing some completely normal wear on the surface and on the desk legs, great looking laminated tropical woods, both carrying the Don S. Shoemaker original label:

Below are samples of brand new diamond desk copies as I have already seen several of them around, based on both original versions shown above. As you are able to judge by yourself, the laminated woods look brand new, evident is the total absence of patina, no scratches, no dents. The wood has still the greenish color of fresh cut wood, the surface shows no wear at all, and no Don S. Shoemaker label is present.

Again, I will withhold information about the original design to prevent better copies!

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