A 19th Century Mexican Campeche Chair as seen in artist´s Chucho Reyes home in Guadalajara in the early 1900’s. Chucho Reyes was a self-taught artist, antiques/art collector and vendor. Reyes Ferreira began painting on crêpe paper, a delicate material not meant to last, as a way of decorating paper meant to wrap sales from his antiques/art store. His father died in 1911 leaving him the house, an art collection, handcrafts and antiques, prompting his interest in these areas. The house became a haven for artists and other bohemian types as he used part of it to sell antiques and art. The mastery of Reyes as a painter, set designer, decorator, and antiquarian was recognized by contemporaries of the stature of Luis Barragán, Mathias Goeritz, Juan Soriano, Paul Westheim and Octavio Paz.