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A discarded prototype from George´s workshop

A discarded prototype from George´s workshop

George spent a lot of time experimenting with different concepts to further enhance his father´s furniture lines and produce new designs. He was an imaginative designer by his own right and he developed several prototypes, some of them would make it to production, others were discarded.

This was back in the 1990#8217;s and my husband and I spent many hours together with George discussing the amazingly rapid technology changes that we were facing and how these could influence furniture design trends. George had been enthusiastic for some time about the idea to design a VHS storage case. However, when his raw model was almost finished he radically changed his mind after he realized: #8220;VHS technology is not going to last forever#8230;.the key of success to my house signature is and will continue to be based on timeless designs#8220;. So, he quickly discarded this sample and stored it away. A few weeks later when we met again he described to us with a great sense of humor the outcome of the #8220;VHS affair#8221;.

Surprisingly this particular discarded prototype has recently been seen in a gallery pretending to be a Don S. Shoemaker #8220;bookcase#8221; from the 1960’s. The pictures below clearly show that the shelves are missing and there are some rather strange dents to accommodate the #8220;books#8221;#8230;

The tropical woods surface of this furniture piece is not even finished#8230;

The upper half of a Don S. Shoemaker label is taped to the back of the #8220;bookcase#8221;#8230;

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