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Appearances are deceptive#8230;

Appearances are deceptive#8230;

Are you prepared to buy Don S. Shoemaker originals? Let´s make a quiz#8230;

Appearances are deceptive. That´s why you must train your eye to find the differences between the originals, the copies and  forgeries. It is like playing the cartoon of the 7 differences, but this time with the added value that you can lose a lot of money in a bad perception. This is the only weapon that we collectors have to fight forgers that are flooding the market taking advantage of our good faith.

Do not forget the MANTRA: if the piece seems odd,  if the leather is new, the wood looks new and smells like new, and carries no label or stamp or is taped, then it is a forgery or a brand new copy !

  • The Sling side table is part of the original #8220;Sling Casuals Line#8221; designed by Don S. Shoemaker in the 1960´s. I have included a picture of an original Sling side table from my personal collection and a picture of a brand new copy, as seen at an auction. The Sling side table was available either with a wooden top or a leather top.

Now, are you ready to identify which one is the original Sling side table and which one is the copy?

  • Another example for you to analyze. Which one is the original Don S. Shoemaker diamond desk and which one is the copy?

  • The Elephant Lounge chair: which one is the original Don S. Shoemaker and which one is the forgery?

  • This game table is the last one in our quiz. Have you decided which one is the original Don S. Shoemaker table and which one is the fake? One of them was found in a Mexican auction house and the other one in a Chicago based auction house.

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One comment

  1. Foto 1 (mesa lateral) original
    Foto 2 (mesa lateral) copia, yo la vi en una subasta de Morton
    Foto 1 (escritorio) copia, estaba más verde que nada!
    Foto 2 (escritorio) original
    Foto 1 (silla elefante) copia, no tiene ojo y el respando es recto
    Foto 2 (silla elefante) original
    Foto 1 (mesa) original
    Foto 2 (mesa) copia yo la vi en la subasta

    Javier Castillo

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