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Another decade goes by#8230;

Another decade goes by#8230;

The 1940#8217;s:

  • Don´s adventure in Mexico started in 1947 in San Miguel Allende.

The 1950#8217;s:

  • In 1951 Don and Barbara settled in Santa Maria de Guido, Morelia.
  • By 1955 the Shoemakers fled to the U.S. overnight. Their business became a cooperative and soon went broke.

The 1960#8217;s:

  • The Shoemakers are back in Santa Maria de Guido, Michoacan.
  • Production started for several SEÑAL, S.A. furniture lines.
  • Don keeps developing new furniture designs.

The 1970#8217;s:

  • They had to face devaluation and inflation.
  • The Puerto Vallarta store was opened but survived only for a few months.
  • The #8220;Diamond#8221; desk becomes a #8220;must have”.

The 1980´s:

  • Don searched for new markets and opened showrooms in several cities in the U.S. and exported to different countries in the world.
  • Don had to face constant devaluation and inflation.
  • Consolidation of the #8220;Sling#8221; and #8220;Descanso#8221; lines, the #8220;Executive” and #8220;Diamond#8221; lines, the #8220;Parsons#8221; and #8220;Deco#8221; line, etc.
  • Unfortunately Don passes away at the end of the decade.

The 1990´s:

  • Don´s heir, George, takes over. The company SEÑAL, S.A. is dissolved. George formed a new company with the name ARRENDADORA SHOEMAKER.
  • In 1995 George has to stand another blow, courtesy of the Mexican economy.
  • George develops new designs and improves some of Don´s furniture lines.

The 2000#8217;s:

    • George´s health is declining extremely fast. Production activity goes to almost zero.
    • George passes away and the company has to close.
    • The most underwhelming attributions to Don S. Shoemaker started flooding the market.
    • The most outrageous examples are the ones shown at Miami Design 2009.
    • In 2010 the website about Don S. Shoemaker was created to provide information to the public and to create awareness of the huge amount of attributions, copies, forgeries and fakes offered in flea markets, auction houses, galleries and the web, some of them featured in specialized magazines.
  • At the end of the day, of the year, the decade and the century, the work of the Shoemaker´s will endure and will be enjoyed and remembered by the owners of these remarkable furniture pieces.

P.S.:  The  2020´s:

    • Soon the book about Don S. Shoemaker, his work  and his furniture designs will be published to provide required information to the #8220;Shoemakeristis#8221; and keep fighting piracy, also to prevent further most underwhelming attributions.
  • Most important: to honor a person who arrived to an impoverished neighborhood and thanks to his vision, drive and endurance brought well being to the village of Santa Maria de Guido in Morelia, Michoacan.

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