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Chairs #8211; The iconic #8220;Sling#8221; folding chairs

Chairs #8211; The iconic #8220;Sling#8221; folding chairs

Don S. Shoemaker did not follow the same path as the other famous designers of his era like Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, George Nakashima, Isamu Noguchi, etc. Don developed his very own style, completely independent, classic and timeless.

The #8220;Sling#8221; folding chair design dates back to the 1960´s, produced in solid tropical woods (rosewood and cocobolo) with black leather upholstery and a seat adjustable to three different positions. These chairs were available in 2 versions:

  • The Scissor #8220;Sling#8221; dining chair
  • The Scissor #8220;Sling#8221; parlor chair

Don´s Scissor #8220;Sling#8221; chairs are easily recognizable: the chair folds to a straight position and it has folding armrests, a feature almost impossible to find in any other chair design. In the book “1000 Chairs” by Charlotte Peter Fiell, ed. TASCHEN 2005 I could not find an armchair with folding braces.

The Scissor #8220;Sling#8221; dining chair had a straight back for a comfortable seating at a “Sling” dinner table and the Scissor #8220;Sling#8221; parlor chair was designed in a lower position for a more relaxed environment.

Below is a picture of a Scissor #8220;Sling#8221; dining chair in cocobolo tropical wood from my personal collection. Pay attention to the straight back.

The pictures below are also from my personal collection and show a Scissor #8220;Sling#8221; parlor chair produced in rosewood. Notice the difference between the two models, this version has a lower more relaxed back.

Pay attention to the folding armrest, a very unique feature created by the master. The armrest articulation allows the user to fold up the armrest and leave the table in angle, an action almost impossible to perform in an armrest chair.

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  1. I’m unsure if my message was posted #8211; I accidentally unsubscribes to your blog. I have just bought three Scissor Parlor chairs. One has been repaired #8211; rather badly #8211; the other two are in pretty good shape #8211; one still has a partial label. Definitely Rosewood.

    I am thrilled #8211; I’ve searched for years. I live in San Miguel de Allende and happened to be walking by an antique store and one of the chairs was just sitting there on top of a table. As I was buying #8211; the seller mentioned she has two more A my heart almost stopped.

    I know these chairs are worth a fortune, but for me it will be a daily pleasure to have them loved and cared for in my home.


    Jennifer Primrose

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