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Don S. Shoemaker Design Lines #8211; The #8220;Descanso#8221; Lounge set

Don S. Shoemaker Design Lines #8211; The #8220;Descanso#8221; Lounge set

Thanks to the support of Dick Shoemaker I was able to get a vintage SEÑAL, S.A. catalogue from him including Don´s most recognized design lines. I am presenting today the catalogue page on Don´s famous #8220;Descanso#8221; set.

The #8220;Descanso#8221; design dates back to the 1960#8217;s, it was produced in zebra wood, cueramo or cocobolo, the leather upholstery was usually black, but you could also choose it in brown. The pictures shown below correspond to my personal collection and show the wearing of at least 40 years. Please click on the pictures for further details on each piece. A matching coffee table and two side tables made the perfect combination however, I will describe these separately.

Please pay attention to the side leather armrest covers, the wadding has graciously loose fitted to the armrests through the years. Of course brand new copies are stiff and stand vertically! Pieces were always labeled and it is almost impossible to find a set that not even one of them carries the decal studio label.

Back in the 1960´s Sergio Rodrigues with his #8220;Poltrona Moleca#8221; or #8220;Sheriff Lounge-chair#8220;, Jean Gillon and other Brazilian furniture designers created similar models. Beware of the provenance of these pieces whenever they are referred to as the #8220;Brasil#8221; model. Forgers have the idea that Don S. Shoemaker called them this way, the title in the catalog proves the original name of this model.

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