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Most underwhelming attribution Don S. Shoemaker #8211; part 5

Most underwhelming attribution Don S. Shoemaker #8211; part 5

Today I will address another Don S. Shoemaker attribution seen for auction and also in some galleries:

  • This product of a lesser mind living room set imitates the legendary #8220;Elephant Lounge Set#8221;, created by Don S. Shoemaker in a limited edition of 5 back in the 1960´s. The original set (as I had already described in the Special Design Lines category) comprises 2 lounge chairs and an outstanding coffee table. However, this brand  new #8220;want to be#8221; elephant model, forgery, includes a settee, a love-seat, a lounge chair and a coffee table.

The differences to the original Don S. Shoemaker #8220;Elephant Lounge Set#8221; are very obvious:

  • No elephant eyes are present (as the typical Don S. Shoemaker swinging mechanism is absent)
  • The #8220;box seat style#8221; with leather cushion similar to the Sling Swinger Chair was adapted, instead of the nailed leather seat with the typical decoration for each nail, the so called #8220;leather flowers #8220;
  • A funny 3 position mechanism was adapted, the coordination of 2 or 3 of your guests is required to go one step back or forth
  • Blue prints and a manual have to be delivered to your guests for this dangerous maneuvering
  • No curved back-rail (signature of the house) present. After 10 minutes with your back in contact with the straight rail you want to cry!
  • The table´s legs stand on 90°
  • And most important: the love-seat and the settee were never part of Don S. Shoemaker´s designs

Of course I will withhold information about some other details in order to prevent production of better imitations!

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