Don S. Shoemaker Furniture

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Don S. Shoemaker Furniture

Don S. Shoemaker Furniture

New Don S. Shoemaker Copies #8211; the diamond desk

During the decade of the 1970´s Don experimented with linear designs and created the “Diamond Line” or sometimes referred as to “Z Line#8221;, built in laminated tropical woods. There is a very well-known example, the diamond desk of Jacobo Zabludovsky, one of Mexico´s most famous newscasters. Street tales say that hellip;

Boxes for all kind of trinkets

Don S. Shoemaker tropical woods boxes are well known. I have seen them on the web and on display in vintage boutiques in Mexico. They were mainly produced in rosewood, in different designs and shapes, many of them include elaborate parquetry work in cueramo, cocobolo, granadilla, white mahogany and many hellip;

Anatomy of a fake Don S. Shoemaker

To be able to better understand the differences between an original Don S. Shoemaker piece of furniture and a fake, I have taken some close up pictures on the most relevant discrepancies. Please visit each picture for a detailed explanation on the discrepancy. Beware of the loose elephant herd recently hellip;

Most underwhelming attribution Don S. Shoemaker #8211; part 5

Today I will address another Don S. Shoemaker attribution seen for auction and also in some galleries: This product of a lesser mind living room set imitates the legendary #8220;Elephant Lounge Set#8221;, created by Don S. Shoemaker in a limited edition of 5 back in the 1960´s. The original set hellip;

Are counterfeiters running out of tropical wood?

Brand new Don S. Shoemaker copies have been around for some time. Unfortunately they are being sold as #8220;genuine#8221; Don S. Shoemaker furniture pieces. Here we have a selection of them and the differences between the Don S. Shoemaker original pieces vs. the newly produced copies that have come my hellip;

The legendary Elephant Lounge Set

Don´s imagination had no limits. This particular design dating back to the 1960´s, is in my opinion one of Don´s most overwhelming design achievements: the legendary #8220;Elephant Lounge#8221;. The #8220;Elephant Lounge#8221; was a limited edition of 5 sets only, produced in solid tropical woods. The set itself includes three very hellip;

A rare coffer in solid tropical wood

This time I am pleased to share with you another rare piece of furniture of my personal collection: An overwhelming coffer model, one of the very few produced at SEÑAL, S.A. Very heavy, made in solid #8220;cueramo#8221;, a rosewood variant. As far as I know, only two of these exist. You can view hellip;

Industrial Designs #8211; a Don S. Shoemaker bureau

SEÑAL, S.A. profited from the installed equipment to produce a variety of industrial designs in pine and white cedar. Many sets of desks, chests and other decorative furniture pieces were ordered to furnish hotels, government offices, etc. in several states within the Mexican Republic. Here is a very nice white hellip;

Most underwhelming attribution to Don S. Shoemaker #8211; part 4

This attributed piece was found in a gallery: Daybed attributed to Don Shoemaker. Another Art Deco inspiration. This brand new furniture piece is made in rosewood (#8220;cueramo#8221;) and black leather. A very attractive piece, and again, credit should be awarded to the lady who designed it a year ago. So hellip;

The Shoemaker Backgammon

A very special Shoemaker games set. Several tropical wood types were used to produce this backgammon. The set includes checker pieces made in #8220;cueramo#8221; (a rosewood variant) from Michoacan and white mahogany, called #8220;primavera#8221; by the locals, including two shaker cups for dice in black leather. Another masterpiece created by hellip;