Don S. Shoemaker Furniture

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Don S. Shoemaker Furniture

Don S. Shoemaker Furniture

Most underwhelming attribution to Don S. Shoemaker #8211; part 3

These attributed pieces were found in a gallery: The X-Chair, attributed to Don Shoemaker. This model never existed during the SEÑAL, S.A. production days. As long as I know who designed these chairs#8230; He used as a model the original Don S. Shoemaker design of a small folding stool in hellip;

Most underwhelming attribution to Don S. Shoemaker #8211; part 2

Trying to find answers to my question about the lack of better research, I remembered that in 2007  Banamex published a book in Mexico titled #8220;Vida y Diseño en México Siglo XX#8221; (Life Design in Mexico XX Century), some pages were dedicated to Don S. Shoemaker´s furniture designs. Pitiful hellip;

Most underwhelming attribution to Don S. Shoemaker #8211; part 1

I have seen a wide range of fakes or attributed furniture pieces on sale on the web, magazines, flea markets and even on renowned galleries. I have questioned myself many times: what motivates curators, gallery owners, writers, as well as the public to rely in good faith on certain traders hellip;

SEÑAL, S.A. Industrial Designs

Due to the expensive manufacturing costs on the tropical woods design pieces,  SEÑAL, S.A. profited from the installed equipment to produce a commercial line of colonial style furniture in pine and white cedar for hotels, government offices, etc. The legend says, that Don Shoemaker´s factory used to work 24 hours a day. hellip;

Don S. Shoemaker´s Colonial Series

Today I will show you a few samples of Don S. Shoemaker´s #8220;Colonial Series#8221;. This sewing table is very rare and produced in alder wood. Below, a sample page of the SEÑAL, S.A. catalogue featuring one of Don´s Colonial tables. With these posts, I hope that you are able to hellip;

Shoemaker´s #8220;fun#8221; pieces

These are the Don S. Shoemaker #8220;Conversation Pieces#8221;,  produced in volcanic pine heartwood by SEÑAL, S.A. I have only seen very few of these rare pieces in many years. This line was truly original! These samples were taken from a SEÑAL, S.A. catalogue that Dick Shoemaker was very kind to hellip;

Don Shoemaker works from the early 1960´s

  Here is a Don S. Shoemaker chair design from the early 1960#8217;s.  This chair is very unique;  it was part of Don S. Shoemaker´s personal collection at his home in Santa Maria de Guido. The wood used to produce this charming little chair comes from a tropical tree extinct hellip;