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Don Shoemaker works from the early 1960´s

Don Shoemaker works from the early 1960´s


Here is a Don S. Shoemaker chair design from the early 1960#8217;s.  This chair is very unique;  it was part of Don S. Shoemaker´s personal collection at his home in Santa Maria de Guido.

The wood used to produce this charming little chair comes from a tropical tree extinct by now. The chair has beautiful carvings; Don liked very much to use carvings in his designs. Take a close look at the legs, as they are shaped in a very peculiar form.

Here is a video dated 1986 about Don S. Shoemaker and his workshop (SEÑAL, S.A.) in Santa Maria de Guido.  This video will give you an idea about his furniture production at the time as well as some of  his most known designs, including carved pieces.

Thanks to Dick Shoemaker, you may watch this video from YouTube:

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  1. Hello! I#8217;m looking for more information on this type of chair. I have a pair of them that I inherited from my paternal grandmother and know nothing about them. I#8217;m trying to find out if they#8217;re authentic. I#8217;ve tried searching about them online but can#8217;t find much about this particular style of chair. Thank you!

    Jess Doehrmann

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