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Beware of these Don S. Shoemaker attributions: © Karin Goyer and Don S. Shoemaker Furniture, 2010-2021. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this website’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is hellip;

The palo fierro dominoes sets from the Seri Natives

Some time ago I published a post on Don S. Shoemaker´s dominoes sets. These game sets were made in 2 different versions: the “tronco” (organic design box) and the boxed sliding lid models; the former also had a first series with a matching wood lid and the ones produced by hellip;

Most underwhelming attribution to Don S. Shoemaker #8211; part 8

I recently discovered this odd piece of furniture attributed to Don S. Shoemaker at an auction: Described as a #8220;Parsons#8221; side table by Don S. Shoemaker#8230;.This forged #8220;model#8221; has been around for some time, I have already seen several versions at weekend flea markets in Mexico City. The original Don hellip;

Appearances are deceptive#8230;

Are you prepared to buy Don S. Shoemaker originals? Let´s make a quiz#8230; Appearances are deceptive. That´s why you must train your eye to find the differences between the originals, the copies and  forgeries. It is like playing the cartoon of the 7 differences, but this time with the added hellip;

Most underwhelming attribution to Don S. Shoemaker #8211; part 7

I received pictures from one of my readers on this Don S. Shoemaker attributed round table in an auction: I had to take the time to pay a visit to this auction house to verify (my apologies to my reader) that this primitive and ugly round table was listed as a hellip;

Most underwhelming attribution to Don S. Shoemaker #8211; part 6

Is this a joke or what? I received this picture on a deckchair listed for auction which you can tell immediately it is not part of the Don S. Shoemaker catalog. An attributed Don S. Shoemaker #8220;deckchair#8221;. This particular chair is made in a tropical wood called #8220;katalox#8221;, sometimes also hellip;

Anatomy of a fake Don S. Shoemaker

To be able to better understand the differences between an original Don S. Shoemaker piece of furniture and a fake, I have taken some close up pictures on the most relevant discrepancies. Please visit each picture for a detailed explanation on the discrepancy. Beware of the loose elephant herd recently hellip;

Most underwhelming attribution Don S. Shoemaker #8211; part 5

Today I will address another Don S. Shoemaker attribution seen for auction and also in some galleries: This product of a lesser mind living room set imitates the legendary #8220;Elephant Lounge Set#8221;, created by Don S. Shoemaker in a limited edition of 5 back in the 1960´s. The original set hellip;