Don S. Shoemaker Design Lines #8211; The #8220;Descanso#8221; Lounge set

Thanks to the support of Dick Shoemaker I was able to get a vintage SEÑAL, S.A. catalogue from him including Don´s most recognized design lines. I am presenting today the catalogue page on Don´s famous #8220;Descanso#8221; set. The #8220;Descanso#8221; design dates back to the 1960#8217;s, it was produced in zebra hellip;

Industrial Designs #8211; a Don S. Shoemaker bureau

SEÑAL, S.A. profited from the installed equipment to produce a variety of industrial designs in pine and white cedar. Many sets of desks, chests and other decorative furniture pieces were ordered to furnish hotels, government offices, etc. in several states within the Mexican Republic. Here is a very nice white hellip;

SEÑAL, S.A. Industrial Designs

Due to the expensive manufacturing costs on the tropical woods design pieces,  SEÑAL, S.A. profited from the installed equipment to produce a commercial line of colonial style furniture in pine and white cedar for hotels, government offices, etc. The legend says, that Don Shoemaker´s factory used to work 24 hours a day. hellip;

Shoemaker´s #8220;fun#8221; pieces

These are the Don S. Shoemaker #8220;Conversation Pieces#8221;,  produced in volcanic pine heartwood by SEÑAL, S.A. I have only seen very few of these rare pieces in many years. This line was truly original! These samples were taken from a SEÑAL, S.A. catalogue that Dick Shoemaker was very kind to hellip;

Don Shoemaker works from the early 1960´s

  Here is a Don S. Shoemaker chair design from the early 1960#8217;s.  This chair is very unique;  it was part of Don S. Shoemaker´s personal collection at his home in Santa Maria de Guido. The wood used to produce this charming little chair comes from a tropical tree extinct hellip;