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The Contemporary Mexican Style: Andres Casillas

The Contemporary Mexican Style: Andres Casillas

It was in 1966 when Luis Barragán was commissioned with the design of the Cuadra San Cristóbal equestrian estate, located in the outskirts of Mexico City. The project was designed by Luis Barragán in collaboration with his chief architect Andrés Casillas de Alba, and completed in 1968. Casillas, also from Guadalajara like Barragán, worked for him during a period of 5 years (1964-1968); however, after the Cuadra San Cristóbal estate was completed, he decided to leave Barragán’s team and in 1969 he opened his own practice.

Architect Andrés Casillas has been widely acknowledged as Luis Barragán’s protégé; his work is deeply influenced by him and he is considered the most faithful to the spirit of Barragan´s “emotional architecture” principles. Casillas presents himself as a solitary, discrete, sensitive and modest man in architecture, very similar values to his former mentor and friend. He has built several houses with the very same sensibility of the master. The majority of his projects, most of them private residences, are located in Mexico, although he has made some office buildings as well. Since 1994 he is responsible for the restoration of the Casa Estudio Luis Barragán in Tacubaya, Mexico City.

In 2015 Casillas undertook a project of a residence in Melbourne, Australia, his first oeuvre outside of Mexico. Its design was undertaken entirely in Mexico, without Casillas ever visiting the site or even setting foot in Australia. Commissioned by an Australian-Mexican couple after living some time in Mexico, the project was designed by Casillas, then documented and administered locally. Its house-ness is rather questionable – more like a monastery than a family home, but, this is a characteristic that most of Luis Barragán’s houses have. Barragán was a powerful and memorable stylist, yet his famously autobiographical designs were in the end always about himself. Casillas was able to reinterpret that spirit perfectly well.

Andres Casillas also designed several furniture pieces for his residential projects, below I have included some views: 


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